Change Your Life With New Dental Implants

Millions of Americans live without at least one tooth every day. Some of them are missing all their teeth and they deal with the inconvenience, discomfort and pain on a regular basis. Traditionally, dentures have been the preferred treatment for someone who has lost all their teeth, but new technology has made it even easier to replace missing teeth with implant supported dentures in Leesburg, VA.


Benefits Of Fixed Options Over Dentures In Leesburg, VA

Dentures are only intended to replace your teeth aesthetically. They can be removed to be cleaned and they may slip or fall out while you are eating or speaking. For most patients, it takes some time to get used to dentures and how they feel. One way to avoid all these problems is to try dentures supported with implants.

Dental implants start with small rods that are placed in the jawbone by a family dentist. Once the rod is placed, there is a healing period where the implant will bond with the jawbone. At this point, the implant stimulates the bone to regrow and functions just like a natural root would. With traditional dentures, there is risk of bone loss and the jawbone crumbling, but implant supported dentures address that problem.


How Dental Implants Can Be A Better Option

Implants are also firmly implanted in the mouth. They don’t move or shift. In fact, most patients report that they feel just like a natural tooth. Cleaning is easy, and you can still take your dentures out if you want, but the rod stays in the bone whether your dentures are in your mouth or not.

Implants give patients confidence in their smile. You can eat what you want and never worry about your dentures falling out in public. With these benefits, it’s easy to see why implants are the better option that traditional dentures.


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