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Keep Fear and Anxiety Out of the Dental Chair

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Get the Dental Treatment You Need, Without the Worry

Do you or your loved ones feel anxious or stressed at the mere thought of sitting in the dental chair? Dental anxiety and fear affect millions of patients each year and keep many from getting the care they need for healthy, happy smiles. At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, we believe the dental office is no place for anxiety, stress or fear. Everybody has the right to a healthy, happy smile, and can achieve this with effective sedation dentistry solutions. We are proud to offer sedation dentistry services designed to create comfortable, pain-free procedures for the positive dental experiences you deserve.

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Sedation options allow patients to have a stress free dental experience.

IV Sedation Dentistry for the Ultimate in Relaxation

If you experience moderate to severe dental anxiety or fear, IV conscious sedation dentistry may be the perfect solution for you. IV sedation dentistry is administered comfortably through your vein, delivering continued relaxation and other sedative effects throughout your entire procedure. Though you technically remain conscious and able to respond to instructions, you generally do not remember much about your procedure. We bring in a licensed anesthesiologist to administer IV sedation dentistry and monitor your safety from the comfort of our treatment rooms. This offers a big advantage to Leesburg, VA, patients, letting you achieve optimal oral health without the worry.

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Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

  • Complete relaxation
  • Immediate effects
  • Painless procedures
  • Multiple treatments in one visit
  • Little-to-no memory of procedures
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Oral Sedation Dentistry Treats Mild to Moderate Anxiety

When mild to moderate dental anxiety hold you back from care, oral sedation dentistry offers a simple, calming solution. Oral sedation dentistry involves taking a prescriptive sedative pill about an hour before your visit. The effects of oral sedation dentistry render you calm, relaxed and worry-free over your dental visit. Because the effects do take a few hours to wear off, we recommend having an adult drive you to and from your appointment.

The Wand® Anesthesia Offers Painless, Comfortable Care

What if you could experience painless, comfortable local anesthetic for your dental treatment? The Wand Anesthesia makes this possible! The Wand utilizes computer-controlled, painless delivery of anesthetic to numb teeth, gums and bone in treatment areas. Many Leesburg, VA, patients love receiving local anesthetic via this method, as it completely avoids the collateral numbing effects of lips, cheeks and the tongue experienced with traditional methods.

Ready to take the fear out of your dental visits? Call now for more on sedation dentistry!

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