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Bone Grafting - Leesburg, VA

Restore Jawbone Health for Your Best Smile Yet

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Bone Grafting for Dental Implant Success

Bone in the jaw is the foundation of your smile, and extremely important to oral health, function and cosmetic appearance. It is the structure that holds teeth in place and is a necessary element of successful tooth replacement with dental implants. When bone is lost from gum disease, chronic tooth loss or other causes, the amount of bone necessary to support implants diminishes. A bone grafting procedure from our skilled team can replace lost bone, restoring structure and support to your smile while increasing your candidacy for implant procedures. We are proud to offer the health and wellness benefits of bone grafting to Leesburg, VA, patients whose smiles have been affected by bone loss.

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Bone Grafting Brings Benefits to Your Health and Smile

  • Rebuilds height of bone
  • Restores natural jaw contours
  • Maintains facial shape
  • Enables implant placement
  • Fosters lasting implant success
  • Enhances oral function (eating and speaking)

Bone grafting

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is the process of replacing lost bone in the jaw by harvesting bone tissue from your own body (often the chin) or from other biocompatible sources. Bone tissue samples are placed in areas of loss and integrate with existing bone over time, encouraging the body to rebuild and regrow bone to greater height and width.

Ridge Preservation

Ridge Preservation

This bone grafting procedure is performed at the time of a tooth extraction. Our doctors fill empty sockets left in the bone by tooth roots with bone grafting material, preserving the missing tooth site for future placement of a dental implant.

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

With this type of bone grafting, we restore bone quantity and quality along the bone ridge in the upper or lower jaw. Bone loss leaves indentations in the jaw and gums, and little support for dental implants. Ridge augmentation restructures bone in the jaw, providing the necessary improvements in cosmetics, function and implant support.

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a bone grafting technique used when tooth and bone loss has occurred around the upper premolar or molar areas. Bone loss in these sites often results from expansion of the maxillary sinus, which reduces the amount of bone available for implant support. With this bone grafting procedure, our talented team gently raises the floor of the sinus, adding bone beneath to provide the necessary level of support for implant success.
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Bone Grafting Procedure Video Animation

Integrated Care from an Experienced Team

The skilled team at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care uses advanced techniques to perform successful bone grafting procedures from our state-of-the art Leesburg, VA, practice. We are focused on providing the highest quality of care, and incorporate minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. Our team offers sedation dentistry for comfortable, pleasant bone grafting experiences, and treats each patient with a personalized, gentle approach. Because we offer comprehensive bone grafting and implant services, getting the streamlined, convenient care you need for your best smile yet has never been easier. 

Is bone loss standing in your way of dental implants? It doesn’t have to!

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