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“Dental Implants – Just Like Having My Own Teeth”

Gum disease and pain kept me out of the dental chair. My lower full arch dental implants feel like my own teeth.

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“Cancer Treatment Damaged My Teeth – Dr. Ashton Gave Me My Smile Back”

Thyroid cancer treatment damaged my teeth. Throughout every step of my dental implant journey, Dr. Ashton took great care of me.

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“Invisalign Was so Easy and No One Could Even Tell I Was Wearing My Trays!”

Kate describes her experience and results with Invisalign treatment. Through treatment, we were able to correct her bite and spacing issues.

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“I Have No More Dental Issues Thanks to Dr. Ashton”

Rick experienced a lifetime of dental issues, that was progressively getting worse. We restored his smile and function with full arch dental implants.

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