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When Better Oral Health Calls for Tooth Extractions

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Gentle Tooth Extractions from a Trusted Leesburg, VA, Team

Losing a tooth is never easy. But in some cases, tooth extractions are the best course of action for your oral health and smile. Teeth that are damaged or decayed beyond repair must be removed in order to restore health and harmony to the oral environment. Leaving unhealthy, failing or hopeless teeth in the mouth often invites further oral complications, more extensive treatment needs and potential systemic health concerns. If you are experiencing tooth pain, gum or facial swelling, or other oral conditions, gentle tooth extractions from our trusted, experienced team may be the ideal treatment for your needs.

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If your tooth is badly decayed and can’t be saved, your dentist may recommend a common surgical procedure called a tooth extraction.

Replacing Extracted Teeth Means the World to Your Smile

In most cases, extracted teeth should be replaced as soon as possible. As experienced implant dentists, our doctors can perform tooth extractions and replace these now missing teeth with dental implants, all from the comfort of our modern practice. Implants offer the closest replica of natural teeth and are the preferred tooth replacement option following tooth extractions for many patients. Because they integrate with the underlying jawbone, implants are a permanent solution to tooth replacement after tooth extractions and offer many benefits for your smile, health and well-being.

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Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Committed to Comfortable, Minimally Invasive Care

At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, we do everything in our power to save natural teeth. In some situations, however, teeth cannot be saved and tooth extractions must be performed to maintain health. Our doctors have been serving the Leesburg, VA, community with gentle tooth extractions since 1999. Our team will ensure you receive comfortable care and a speedy return to health.

Is tooth pain affecting your smile? Call now for more on our gentle tooth extractions.

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