Denture Repair

What to Know About Denture Repair

For many, denture repair in Leesburg, VA is a stressful ordeal. Dentures tend to be fragile, which means that the slightest accident can chip or loosen teeth or even crack the foundation, resulting in dentures that are warped and uncomfortable. Here are a few tips on how to achieve accurate denture repair and what you can do to prevent your dentures from becoming damaged.


Preventive Measures for Denture Care In Leesburg, VA

If you discover that your dentures are damaged in some way, it’s best to see your dentist immediately. It’s also not a good idea to try to perform denture repair yourself, as you may end up creating a bigger issue to fix. Continuing to wear them when they have been warped or damaged can potentially cause sores to form along your gums and inner cheeks, so seek immediate attention. As pricey as it may be, it’s best to send your false teeth to your dentist to ensure quality denture repair. If you still find you’re experiencing discomfort after the repairs are finished, contact your dentist as soon as possible.


The Importance of Professional Repair

There are many ways you can prevent the need for denture repair. Some methods are simply normal precautionary measures—avoid participating in sports or work activities that may result in blows to the jaw. As your dentures can break or chip even when dropped into the sink, it’s a good idea to fill your sink with water or use a towel to cushion the area while cleaning them.

Cleaning your dentures regularly is another good way to prevent denture repair. Whether you choose to soak your dentures overnight, or clean them with gentle soap and water, it’s important they are maintained. Making sure your dentures are clean will allow you to keep them looking brand new and fresh for your mouth – not needing as many repairs.


Denture Maintenance and Care

Investing in a quality denture is a big step in ensuring they will last long and be durable. In the long run, spending money on one value teeth replacement will allow you to worry less about their ability and repairs. Call Dr. Ashton Gary at our Cardinal Park Family Dental Care office today in Leesburg, VA to schedule your consultation. They will also be able to inform you on tips and tricks to keeping them sparkling.

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