When dental implant sizes are used

When Different Dental Implant Sizes Are Used

The size dimensions of dental implants in Leesburg, VA differ depending on why and how they are used, you can receive a mini to slim, to even much shorter dental implants. These different options are readily offered to patients with not enough gum tissue or bone tissue causing them to not be eligible for traditional dental implants. The number of implants used of in treatment may also differ depending on the patient’s oral needs. Listed below are some different scenarios in which dental implants may be used.


To Replace a Solitary Tooth In Leesburg, VA

In replacing a singular tooth, an oral implant is surgically placed directly into the missing tooth’s socket. A customized prosthetic tooth is made to match the details of the original tooth including the shading, the shape, and the size to seamlessly blend into the natural surrounding teeth. This is done so when the tooth is altered, no one will recognize which teeth are all-natural and which are not.


To Transform Various Teeth

In circumstances where numerous teeth are missing, a long-lasting implant-supported bridge might be utilized. This implant type and method do not depend on or damage the nearby natural teeth as various other dental bridges do. Thus, creating a more enjoyable oral experience for the patient when implanted.


For Complete Arch Substitute In Leesburg, VA

When a majority of a person’s teeth are missing, dental implant methods such as the All-on-4 technique or the more conventional full arch replacement can be used of to transform a complete collection of teeth.


Understanding when The Right Type Is Used

While the therapy methodology, as well as procedures, are comparable, different types of dental implants are utilized to satisfy the demands of each patient as well as their distinct dental situation. If you have been informed that you are not able to receive dental implants as a result of insufficient bone tissue or periodontal cells, among our smaller or a lot less invasive oral implant treatments may be the optimal choice for you.


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